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Manjunath J, MBA
Team Lead – FATCA & CRS at Cognizant
“Vesselin has been a really good and humble person to work with. We have shared many discussions on FATCA & CRS during our calls and he demonstrates utmost knowledge when speaking on tax laws. I would recommend Vesco for the FATCA & CRS engagements and US international tax laws.”
December 28, 2015, Manjunath worked directly with Vesselin at Amicorp Group

Frank Dumoulin
Trust & Estate Practitioner – MBA
“I have no hesitation to recommend Vesco to any clients or employers. He is a versatile professional with a fine touch regarding the individual needs of clients. Tax issues for Americans in the US and abroad can be complex. Vesco shows initiative, with an emphasis on details, getting things right…right from the beginning. He is able to explain complex US tax concepts in very simple terms, on top of that he has a very friendly and upbeat personality, always willing to go the extra mile.”
December 1, 2015, Frank worked with Vesselin at Amicorp Group

Nancy Bikson

“Vesco is a knowledgeable professional who seeks to do the best for his clients.”
January 5, 2012, Nancy was Vesselin’s client

Robert Goldmann
Transaction Advisory and Finance
“My tax case had highly complex historical facts underpinning the account and property ownership history. The naked fears came from the question whether IRS accepts Reasonable Cause or not, a matter of paying $100k in penalty or $600k in penalty (large amounts given my financial status). Outcome:
• I am thankful for Darlene and Vesco to have calmed me down. I am more thankful to God who has calmed me down in ways you can’t by yourself.
• US Tax had the approach of first submitting painstakingly accurate 1040X (prior to selecting US Tax, I had sat with attorneys of well-known law firms who admitted to not have caught false 1040X under their tutelage). Vesco guided and accomplished that level of accuracy. Not to forget, Vesco completed all deliverables to IRS in time. That availed favor with IRS agent.
• Vesco worded a Reasonable Cause Letter, probably the longest ever written for clients. The technical supervisor at the IRS ruled favorably for the very rarely granted non-willful penalties.
• In all, I am glad to have chosen US Tax with Vesco as not only tax manager but tax attorney, and to NOT have paid for the corner office of a tax attorney in a well-known law firm who would NOT have added one bit except an additional $300 k bill, in a best case scenario. I am glad to have been guided towards a “least bitter” end plus peace.
Robert Goldmann”
December 24, 2011, Robert was Vesselin’s client

Gregory Dean
Private Client Adviser and International Tax Lawyer at Anaford
“I have worked with Vesco for 2 years at US Tax & Financial Services, Sarl. We have worked through very complicated international tax issues and Vesco is insightful, technical, committed and a great guy to have on your team.”
December 8, 2011, Gregory worked directly with Vesselin at US Tax & Financial Services, Sarl

Glenn Gelman

Very nice gentleman.. strong research skills, very broad spectrum of knowledge.. brilliant in international.. nice man.
May 15, 2009, Glenn was Vesselin’s client

Christopher Neufeld
Lawyer at Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation (Business Law)

“I worked with Vesselin while he was a U.S. Tax Manager at SB Partners. He helped my clients in resolving the tax implications on: U.S. real estate holdings, U.S. cross-border tax planning and compliance for a transportation company. Vesselin is an extremely capable professional, well attuned with the latest developments that are impacting our mutual clients’ business and capable of addressing those concerns effectively and in a timely manner. What was particularly impressive was his ability to quickly re-adjust to a shift in the underlying facts, when more information was revealed about the actual situation, and thereafter make the solution fit the new dimensions of the assignment. I fully intend to refer more clients to him in the future.”
August 5, 2008, Christopher was Vesselin’s client